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In our Judge Stone House Gallery, Noblesville Creates welcomes submissions from artists throughout Central Indiana. Preference is given to those in or connected to the five communities along the 30-mile historic Nickel Plate Railroad in eastern Hamilton County. If you have questions or encounter issues with our submission form, please contact JC Seig at

January 5-27, 2024: The Great Abstract - Deadline December 22

Abstract art opens us up to a variety of mediums and possibilities. Artists utilize color, shape, technique and more to create compositions independent from the usual visual references we experience.

Noblesville Creates welcome all mediums and styles of abstract art for this month’s exhibit.

February 2-24, 2024: From the Heart - Deadline January 19

The arts can awaken passions during these cold, dark winter months. Let our local artists inspire you with feelings of affection and romance through painting, pottery, and poetry.

Writers, poets, painters, potters, and more are encouraged to share works that explore matters of the heart in this exhibit.

May 3-25, 2024: The Healing Power of Art - Deadline Extended to April 23

The healing power of creating is soothing to the soul and opens our hearts and minds to others.

Art is an important tool that many of turn to to process our emotions, explore our fears, and rediscover our strengths. Share the projects that helped you make it through a hard time, that express the importance of the arts, or that have helped to uplift someone you care about.

June 7-29, 2024: Phocus on Photography - Deadline May 24

Photographers have an uncanny ability for capturing moments, angles, and beauty that many of us simply miss. The real, the imagined, the joys and the sorrows of life are shared through the gift of photographs.

Photographers, submit your favorite work to this exhibit devoted solely to the art of taking pictures.

Works should be framed with a wire or sawtooth hanger on the back. Unframed foam core prints or photographs will be limited due to the available hardware to clip/support these items. Be advised that print mediums may be compromised by the clip hanging system. Frames are strongly recommended for the protection of your art.

September 6-28, 2024: Members Only - Deadline August 23

This annual exhibit shines a spotlight on our Learn, Promote, Showcase, and Lead level Artist Members.

Noblesville Creates Members lift each other up, advance the communities they take part in, and are incredibly talented. They hold offices, raise families, sing, dance, paint, sculpt, weave, weld, carve, draw, cook, photograph, film, act, and so much more. September is all about celebrating them in their artistic glory!

October 4-26, 2024: Dreamscape & Belief - Deadline September 20

In a dreamscape, which is a strange or mysterious landscape or scene often characteristic of dreams, there are no rules. Up can be down, color can be more or less vivid, physics and perspective can change with your mind’s will – your perception of the world is open to imagination! Dreams can help us process our abstract emotions, can be indicative of our belief systems, and can even teach us about ourselves and others.

Artists are encouraged to submit work that reflects how art can connect us spiritually.

November 1-9, 2024: Prized: Our Annual Art Competition - Deadline October 18

Artists and Creators share the best of their best in our annual competitive exhibit.

“Prized” is our annual competitive exhibit, where where we ask our Artist of the Year to judge each piece and award cash prizes. Artists are to submit their ONE BEST piece of the past year. Other rules will apply: for detailed rules, contact

The physical exhibit will last from Friday, November 1 through Saturday, November 9. We will also post images of all items in this exhibit on our website and Facebook page and those online exhibits will run through Nov 30.

A “People’s Choice Award” will be given to the person who receives the most in-person votes AND likes on Facebook. Details on how to vote will be provided to all artists accepted into the exhibit.

Nov 28-Dec 28, 2024: Gifted: Handmade Wonders - Deadline Nov 8

Our annual celebration of artistic creativity returns for another holiday season! We are seeking items of all media and varieties that make great gifts, from holiday-themed fine art to giftable handmade crafts, to create our annual pop-up holiday shop.

This exhibit begins the day after Thanksgiving, to capitalize on holiday shopping, and runs through Christmas. We may choose to extend the end of the show, depending on various operational concerns and opportunities.

Artists may submit multiple types of items.

Please note: it is VERY important that ALL items be submitted for approval in advance in order to help us track and manage our inventory for this exhibit. If you have difficulty using our submission form or have questions, please contact JC.

Submit to Noblesville City Hall Exhibits

In the Noblesville City Hall Gallery, the City welcomes submissions from artists throughout Central Indiana. Preference is given to those living in or with strong connections to Noblesville, Indiana. Scroll down on the right to reach City Hall’s submission form.

 If you have questions or encounter issues with our submission form, please contact JC Seig at

March 1-April 26, 2024: Total Eclipse: From Light to Dark - Deadline Extended to Feb 20

Locals and visitors alike will be able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime celestial phenomenon of the total solar eclipse, occurring Monday, April 8th, 2024. To help celebrate this monumental event, we are inviting local artists to submit up to three pieces that reflect on all things celestial.

Photography, drawings, paintings, and mixed media works are welcome. 

May 3-June 28, 2024: Art in Bloom - Deadline Extended to April 23

In celebration of spring and the annual Indiana Peony Festival on May 18th, we will adorn the City Hall gallery space with beautiful blossoms and blooms of art! Photography, drawings, paintings, and mixed media works are welcome – as long as the celebrate the glorious floral delights of Indiana, especially our state flower, the peony.

Want to be Featured in Another Location?

The Meyer-Najem Corp. headquarters in Fishers’ Nickel Plate District hosts quarterly exhibits featuring contemporary art with a modern or abstract feel.

The gallery does well with large 2-D hanging works and a collection of small works, or about 40 smaller pieces. The space can be shared with another artist. Works will be available for purchase. Exhibiting artists enjoy an opening reception at Meyer-Najem.

The spacious open-concept gallery space is open to the public. Its gray and white walls offer neutral backgrounds to contrast artwork. A hallway branches off the gallery with multiple spotlights to showcase more art. High ceilings and exposed ductwork round out the contemporary space.

Four Day Ray Brewery offers artists the ability to hang artwork in select locations around the first and second floors of their restaurant in Fishers. The exhibiting artist will have an opening reception at Four Day Ray in the brewery area on a Monday or Tuesday with complimentary beers on tap, courtesy of Four Day Ray. Only 2-D artwork can be accommodated, and anywhere from 9 to 13 pieces can be on display, pending size.

To be considered for these opportunities, contact J.C. Seig at for information on how to become a Showcase Level Member.

Noblesville Creates Exhibits

TO SUBMIT: Use the form on this page to submit up to 3 pieces for consideration by the date specified. Use commas to separate titles, mediums, prices on each entry line when submitting multiple pieces on the same form. You can also submit the form multiple times for different entries. If you have difficulty with the form, please submit your information to J.C. via email.

Noblesville City Hall Exhibits

: Use the form on this page to submit up to 3 pieces for consideration by the date specified. You can submit multiple times. If you have difficulty with the form, please submit your information to JC Seig via email.

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