Jessica Springman

Jessica Springman

Jessica Springman has been drawing since the age of seven.  She worked her way through school and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Westminster College of Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1998, with dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Communications and Art.  After moving to Indiana, her path lead to a career in analytics and data science.

Sidewalk art by Jessica Springman comes to life with a little water.

Jessica’s first professional fine art exhibition was The Self Portrait Show at Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis in June 2013.  Since then her work has been on display in 25 galleries in Central Indiana and across the country, been part of 30 group shows and five solo shows.  Her art was installed as window murals on the façade of Gallery 924 at the Arts Council of Indianapolis from June 2014 through May 2016 and on the windows of the Arts Garden of Indianapolis as part of the 2017 Indianapolis Motor Speedway “Welcome Race Fans” program.  She was awarded a yearlong studio residency with the Stutz Artist Association in September 2015.  She is represented by the Artworks Gallery in Cedar City, Utah and a full member of the National Association of Women Artists, a member of the Society of Illustrators, the Graphic Artists Guild and the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

Jessica has been a longtime supporter of Noblesville Creates, participating (and winning awards) in a variety of our exhibits. She was nominated for the Noblesville Creates Awards in 2016 in recognition of her support of the local creative community as well as her enthusiasm for art projects of all kinds in the Nickel Plate Region.

“Coronation,” cut paper by Jessica Springman

Artist’s Statement:

“My artistic style is very clean and has been described in many ways, but my favorite is “Vennism” — breaking apart multivariate reality into constituent and relational elements as separated and nested 2D representations.  Everything I draw or cut is done entirely by hand using nothing more than a ruler, compass, pencil, pen and/or craft knife. I rarely sketch.  I see the finished image in my mind. The challenge and excitement is figuring out how to faithfully render it on paper.”

“I am inspired by the meticulously detailed works of William Morris, Joe Fenton, Laurie Lipton, and William Kilburn. I am also influenced by, and interested in all manner of patterns – from those I deal with in my database and analytical work, to those found in nature (as well as in architecture and industry), and the unique things I create from memory. From my perspective — nothing ‘wild’ is random, and everything ‘natural’ is ordered.  I like to express these personal truths in my artwork.”

“The abstract value of my work leaves the viewer with the freedom to see the art from their own unique perspective. They can revel in the detail, or focus on the overall composition.  The shapes and patterns I create in my work, while abstract, are also very ordered. I’m also known to incorporate natural, and other “real” elements into my work (birds, flowers, plants, fruits, animals, inanimate objects, etc.) in an effort to further my artistic exploration into the symbiotic relationship between naturally occurring patterns and the abstract randomness of seemingly everything in life (depending how you look at it).”

Learn more about Jessica and her artwork at her website.

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