Auditions for the Belfry’s “Rehearsal for Murder”

Auditions for the Belfry’s “Rehearsal for Murder”

Hamilton County Theatre Guild’s The Belfry Theatre announces auditions for its first show of the 2022-23 theater season, “Rehearsal for Murder.”

Auditions will be 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. June 26 and 27, 2022, at Noblesville First United Methodist Church in Noblesville.

The show, adapted by D.D. Brooke from the teleplay by Richard Levinson and William Link. The play is directed by Diane W Wilson of Carmel and stage managed by Fran Knapp of Noblesville.

Synopsis: A year following the untimely death of a famous onscreen actress and an up-and-coming  Broadway star, a famous playwright (and the former fiancé of the star) assembles all those who  last interacted with the actress under the pretense of reading excerpts from a new play he is  writing. Even though the actress’s death was ruled as a suicide, the playwright believes  otherwise, and he plans to prove it and trap a killer as the scenes from his new play come to life.
The Years: 1980 (opening night of the comedy Chamber Music by Alex Dennison, the after party,  and the death of Monica Welles) & 1981 (exactly one year after the opening and Monica’s death)
The Settings: A Broadway Stage & Monica Wells’ Study 

The (15) Players (and stage ages):
Alex Dennison: A playwright in his late 40s to mid-50s, Alex is handsome, debonair, witty,  intelligent, and willing to do just about anything to trap the killer of his beloved fiancé.
Monica Welles: The famous and beautiful film actress, fiancé of Alex, and victim, Monica is  “brought to life” through flashbacks in order to help Alex trap her killer. Cast as the lead (her  first time on stage) in Dennison’s comedy Chamber Music, she was in her early- to mid-40s when  she met her early demise.
Lloyd Andrews: The play’s director for the 1980 show Chamber Music (and the last time Monica  was on stage), Lloyd is at the very least in his early 40s. He is handsome, no-non-sense, and he  has an excellent reputation.
Bella Lamb: The play’s producer for the 1980 show Chamber Music (and the last time Monica  was on stage), Bella is bright, extremely wealthy, and sophisticated. She is in her late 40s to early  60s.
Karen Daniels: Merely an up-and-coming Broadway actress in 1980, Karen is now a sought after star. She was Monica’s understudy a year prior in Chamber Music, but she quickly reached  her way to the top. Karen is in her mid- to late 30s; she is beautiful and no longer the innocent  ingénue she was. 
David Mathews: A tall, popular, and handsome Broadway actor, David is also very smug and  full of himself, believing that every woman worships him. He approaches each show with the  belief that he’ll have to dust off his fireplace mantle for another Tony. He had played lead in  Chamber Music, opposite Monica. David is in his mid-40s to early 50s.

Leo Gibbs: A supporting Broadway actor, Leo is in his mid- to late 40s; he isn’t particularly  charming or attractive, but he is slightly overweight. He has always view himself as the comic  relief. Yet, he doesn’t let his “lower” status upset him. He, too, was in Chamber Music.
Sally Bean: Alex’s new assistant/secretary from Maine. She is young (18 to 22), energetic,  bright but naïve, and very excited to help Alex with his new play.
Ernie: The gruff, no-nonsense backstage theatre manager who reveres Alex and was genuinely  fond of Monica. He is in his mid-50s to late 60s.
Loretta: The play’s stage manager for Chamber Music (and the last time Monica was on stage).  Loretta is in her mid-430s to mid-60s and is very efficient and determined.
Male Policeman: One of NY’s finest in his late 30s to early 50s; he assists in the investigation of  Monica’s death.
Female Policeman: One of NY’s finest in her late 20s to mid-50s; she assists in the investigation  of Monica’s death.
Santoro: The delivery man who brings in Monica’s Study – set up exactly as it was on the day  of her death and perfect for a re-enactment – he can be any age (20+ to 60).  

Frank Heller: An observer in Act One to everything occurring on-stage during the present & “flashbacks” Frank, however, intervenes in Act Two, at first portraying Lieutenant McElroy, the  detective who closed the Monica Welles’ case, and then himself. Fran, who is in his late 30s to  early 40s, is a jack-of-all-trades: actor (often out of work), bartender, cab driver, etc.
Mac: An observer to everything that is happening on-stage during the present & “flashbacks.”  During the last portions of Act Two, he joins in the action. He is in his 50s.
Note: Ernie & Santoro, as well as the Male Police Officer & Mac may be doubled. In addition,  Loretta and the policewoman may be doubled.
Auditions: Sunday, June 26, & Monday, June 27 

Time: 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. day date; you may attend both nights, if you wish. 

Place: Noblesville First UMC, 2051 Monument St., Noblesville. Use East entrance. 

Call-backs, if needed: Wednesday, June 29.
Note Rehearsal Schedule: 

∙ Read Through and Begin Blocking: Week of July 11 

∙ No Rehearsals Aug. 19-Sept. 6

∙ Move-In and Tech: Sunday, Sept. 18

Everyone must be present TECH week (Sept. 18-22, ) and obviously for the show All rehearsals (excluding Tech week) will be held in Carmel.

Show times:
∙ Friday, September 23rd, 8pm 

∙ Saturday, September 24th, 2pm 

∙ Saturday, September 24th, 8pm 

∙ Sunday, September 25th, 2pm 

∙ Friday, September 30th, 8pm 

∙ Saturday, October 1st, 2pm  

∙ Saturday, October 1st, 8pm 

∙ Sunday, October 2nd, 2pm.
For information, email the director at
Ryan Shelton

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