Four Day Ray Showcase: “The Thrill of Victory” by Mark Rouse

Four Day Ray Showcase: “The Thrill of Victory” by Mark Rouse

Mark Rouse, Artist

Mark Rouse’s artistic journey is a reflection of his ability to treat each new day as an opportunity for accomplishment. His upcoming Four Day Ray showcase exhibit, The Thrill of Victory will be a celebration of the Olympics and a reflection of his own passions. 

In 2015, Mark was declared legally blind due to Diabetic Retinopathy. Recovery was slow, but possible through revolutionizing techniques and care. He had been painting and taking photographs for decades and needed a new way to create artwork. A digital painting/mixed media method was his solution. 

His process has remained largely unchanged since the early days of his recovery. When blind, he discovered that he could hook his computer up to his large television and zoom in to digitally paint. Nowadays he doesn’t need such a large screen, but will still digitally paint. Once a piece is printed on canvas or another material, he may add further texture and depth with physical paint and other materials. 

Mark found that his energy has been renewed in recent years. He’s always been active and realized that “there’s not enough time to do all the art that is in me,” then counted eight current works in progress. He’s always looking forward to the next inspiration and the next piece. When he’s not working, he participates in several exhibits, art fairs, and events throughout Indiana. His accolades include being awarded Best in Show at the Fishers Arts Council’s 2023 Annual Juried Exhibit of Hamilton County Artists. 

“Flying in the Lead,” a dynamic piece of a swimmer seemingly flying through the water, is an apt reflection of Mark’s recovery and outlook. He had been a swimmer in high school, then later a high school swim coach along with a junior high art teacher. The Thrill of Victory will be a culmination of his love of sports and art. In addition, he notes that “the thrill of victory has been regaining my vision and painting again.” Visitors can expect to see this and more sports images in Mark’s signature style. 

You can meet Mark at his free open house reception at Four Day Ray on Monday, August 5, from 6-8 p.m.

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