Meyer Najem Showcase Showcase: “Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue” by Marianne Glick

Meyer Najem Showcase Showcase: “Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue” by Marianne Glick

Bobbi K. Samples, Artist

“My personal mission is to ignite, inspire, and direct energy for positive action, and hopefully bring joy to those who view them,” Marianne Glick says of her art. Her multimedia works are enigmatic and complex, each one a master class in intuitive painting.

Marianne started painting in 2005 as “a way to positively approach the winter months after a career in corporate training. She took workshops in Indianapolis and around the country to build a fine arts foundation, eventually finding her own unique style. In the years since, her work has been accepted in juried competitions sponsored by the Hoosier Salon, California Art Day, Indianapolis Art Center, International Society of Acrylic Painters, International Society of Experimental Artists, Midwest Abstract National Exhibit, Watercolor Society of Indiana, and Women’s’ Works.

Philanthropic work and community building are also important to Marianne. She donates paintings to benefit some favored non-profit organizations like Women’s Fund, Dress for Success, Community Health Network Foundation, Girls, Inc., Planned Parenthood, TeenWorks, Indianapolis Symphony and United Way. When not painting, she focuses on giving back, serving on the board of directors for the Glick Family Foundation, the Gene Glick Company, the Glick Housing Foundation, ASCEND, Central Indiana Community Foundation, Ivy Tech Community College, RISE Indy, TeenWorks and United Way of Central Indiana.

Layers have captivated Marianne’s interest in her current painting process. “I enjoy the use of rich colors and textures in my work. Exploring the interplay between transparent & opaque, warm & cool, brush work, and pouring fascinates me.” She will start by laying down pieces of self-made collage, usually from papers or magazines with patterns. Then, she’ll map out the infrastructure of the painting with stencils and a layer of black paint. Once satisfied, she’ll start layering up paint at different thicknesses, then sand down certain layers, then repaint. “Most recently, I have been delving deeper by creating multiple layers and sanding back to reveal parts of early layers in the final painting.”

In her upcoming showcase exhibit, Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue, visitors can expect a collection of Marianne’s latest pieces alongside some old favorites. Due to her natural approach to painting, the work completed this past winter in Florida contains many shades of blue and an “oceany” feel. Each one-of-a kind piece is a colorful expression of her community-minded mission and an innate sense of time, place, and emotion.

Visitors can meet Marianne at her free public reception on Friday, August 23 from 5-8 p.m. at Meyer Najem.

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