Hub & Spoke: Perspectives in Watercolor by Patty Coulter

Hub & Spoke: Perspectives in Watercolor by Patty Coulter

“Don’t get artwork to match your couch. Collect original art; support artists.” This has been Patty Coulter’s mantra since the start of her interior design days back in Southern California. 

Patty is an artist with an incredible story of overcoming tragedy, heartbreak, and faith. Experiencing the death of her mother and daughter just ten days apart forced Patty to shut down. She didn’t create for two years. Then, one day, it just struck her to try again. “My art has saved me, it’s been there for me my whole life—in any crisis, sad and happy times—something tangible that I can go to that heals me in many ways.”

Patty Coulter

From that moment, Patty’s art took off like a shot. She immersed herself in classes, traveling to Europe for workshops each year focusing on watercolor. She paints in an open studio with other artists once a week. Studying with top international watercolorists, she focuses on the techniques she learns from each of them. “I paint very loose and fluid with lots of water—it’s the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning and the last thing I think of when I go to bed. It’s a huge part of my life. I spend all my days and nights doing art.” 

The pandemic pulled roughly 50 paintings from Patty—and she is excited to share her works with the community. Her exhibit is titled “Perspectives in Watercolor” and it contains three sections: “Mademoiselle” (artwork of women), “Rustic” (focusing on landscapes), and “Calligraphic.” Patty is thrilled to be showcasing at Hub & Spoke Design Center for the months of July through September—as an interior designer, Hub & Spoke makes her feel at home. 

“Mademoiselle” is a series that Patty has been working on for roughly six years. She focuses on preteens up to women in their 90s, all different cultures, backgrounds—it’s a genre that Patty is very passionate about. “Rustic” pays homage to her Indiana home and includes handmade barnwood frames that the artist made herself. “Calligraphic” centers on another of Patty’s passions, calligraphy, which she has been working on since the 80s. Transcribing bible verses, prose, quotes—Patty devotes an hour each day to keep her skills fresh.  

See “Perspectives in Watercolor” at the Hub & Spoke Design Center in Fishers from July through September. A reception, hosted by High Frequency Arts, will be held on Friday, September 10, 2021 from 5pm. to 9pm.

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