July – September 2019: “Ben Jennings – Selection of Works” by Ben Jennings at the Meyer-Najem Gallery

July – September 2019: “Ben Jennings – Selection of Works” by Ben Jennings at the Meyer-Najem Gallery

Ben Jennings has always been an artist. He grew up as the “artistic one” in his family, and has been inspired to draw and create for as long as he can remember. Jennings works mostly in acrylics and considers himself a self-taught abstract expressionist. Curiously, he almost never picks up a paintbrush. 

“I use different things to create my pieces … palette knives, spray bottles, plastic lids, tape, paint stirrers with loads of paint built up on them, hardened paint rollers, and the like. They all provide unique surfaces that allow me to create the textures I’m looking for in my pieces. Texture, depth and interest are key elements for me.”

Jennings brings his unconventional approach and fascinating perspectives to the Meyer-Najem Gallery (11787 Lantern Road, Fishers) from July through September 2019, for his first show in the Fishers gallery space. Fans can expect a broad array of new and old pieces, many of which are reminiscent of poignant moments in Ben’s artistic career. 

“The pieces featured are glimpses of efforts generated over a variety of themes and topics, emotions and situations. I tend to use art as therapy, so all of these works are representative of that journey.”

Jennings immerses himself fully into his artistic experiences. To him, creating art is healing, cathartic and deeply personal. 

“I have always been drawn to the color and movement and textures of abstract art, and the intense emotions that are contained in those pieces,” he says. “They are almost like time capsules, where they contain a small bit of who you were at the time you were creating.” 

Jennings is currently working on a series called “The Art of Music,” which will debut as part of his Meyer-Najem exhibit. The collection features spontaneous, free-form creations inspired by music and his Christian faith. Jennings’ process involves playing one or two albums from a Christian metal band, while capturing the interpretations and emotions evoked from the music directly onto his canvas. It’s unique in that Jennings truly allows for the music to inform the work. 

“No preconceived notions, just letting the music drive the piece. When the music stops, so do I. What results is the final piece.” 

For the months of July-September 2019, Noblesville Creates is excited to bring local designer, landscape architect, and all-around creative Ben Jennings to the Meyer-Najem gallery space. Jennings’ gallery will be open to the public from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday.

For more on Jennings, visit indyartsguide.org/artist/ben-jennings. For Meyer-Najem Gallery hours, call 317-577-0007. 

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