Meet Jessica Lovell, Nickel Plate’s New Exhibits and Sales Manager

Meet Jessica Lovell, Nickel Plate’s New Exhibits and Sales Manager

We have some fresh faces on staff here at Noblesville Creates. First off, meet Jessica Lovell:

  1. What is your job title? Exhibits and Sales Manager
  2. What interesting jobs have you had prior to this one? So many! I’ve been a radio DJ, traffic reporter, music journalist, I’ve dabbled in tech, and I spent six years with Live Nation Entertainment. I was also a skate guard at an ice skating rink in college. It was super fun.
  3. What interesting places have you lived prior to coming back here? At 22, I moved to London, then returned to England in 2016 to study at the University of Exeter. Otherwise, I’ve always called Hamilton County home.
  4. Who is the person you text with the most? My dashing husband, Peter
  5. What do you hope to see accomplished by working at Noblesville Creates? My focus is on making our arts community as robust, inclusive, and full of opportunities as possible! I think of Noblesville Creates as an epicenter of arts and culture in Hamilton County, and I see incredible potential for the activation of our creative economy. From arts-centered economic development to collaborative partnerships, and incredible events, it’s such an exciting time for NPA. I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of it all!
  6. What tv show or podcast are you currently obsessed with? I love shows like Saturday Night Live and Austin City Limits, and I’m always in the mood for comedy!
  7. What’s the coolest art “thing” you’ve seen/experienced in the past 2 months? I’d say that being welcomed into the Noblesville Creates community has really opened my eyes to all that our region has to offer. I’m surprised and delighted every day by the caliber of artists and makers that call central Indiana home. It’s so inspiring!
  8. Anything else you want people to know about you? I’m a massive music fan! I’m passionate about community activation, traveling the world, and exploring new cultures. I’m also a bit of a tech nerd, and I love to learn!

When you see Jessica around at Noblesville Creates events, make sure to welcome her to the Nickel Plate community!

Ailithir McGill

Did you know? Nickel Plate Arts is becoming Noblesville Creates!

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