Mr. G’s Uncorks the Arts-and-Business Connection

Mr. G’s Uncorks the Arts-and-Business Connection

Bryan Glover represents the third generation of Glover family ownership of Mr. G’s Liquors, founded in 1977 and co-owned by Bryan’s uncle Myron Glover. As a Level 1 sponsor of Noblesville Creates, Mr. G’s often provides wine and spirits for several of our events throughout the year. Here, Glover fills us in on his connection to and affinity for the arts.

NPArts: Summarize your relationship to NPArts and share why you chose to be a NPArts sponsor, especially in light of the fact that there are so many great nonprofits out there vying for your support.

mr. g's liquors

Arts advocate and NPArts sponsor Bryan Glover of Mr. G’s Liquors.

Glover: Most of my career, before wine and spirits retailing, was in the arts: film, television and music. Even though most of my involvement was from the perspective of business planning and financial management, I had to understand and appreciate the creative process in order to be effective at my own job. I got to know many amazingly talented people. Getting involved with NPArts has given me a great opportunity to reconnect to talented, creative people in aspects of the arts that were new to me.

NPArts: How is your support of NPArts driven by a desire to make lasting changes in your community, not just today but into the future?

Glover: Arts is culture and diversity to me. Without culture and diversity, life seems pretty one-dimensional. The variety of programming offered at NPArts adds a lot of different dimensions to life in our Noblesville community. It’s a way to learn about each other, different subjects, unexplored places, etc., that can broaden my perspectives. NPArts is a low-key, fun environment that makes it easy to get out of my usual comfort zone and explore.

Without culture and diversity, life seems pretty one-dimensional.

NPArts: If you could snap your fingers and change something about the arts in your community or the world, what would you change and why?

Glover: For one thing, I would make it a requirement for all young people to get involved in the arts in some way. I wish I had done more exploring of literature, theater, visual arts, etc., when I was in my youth. I feel like I am way behind everyone else when it comes to my appreciation and knowledge of the arts. I also think a college education should include more required learning in the arts. I think a bigger investment in learning about the arts would have been a great asset in my career and life progression. If I get a third snap, I would be selfish and bestow upon myself an amazing skill at playing the piano and singing the blues!

NPArts: How has your experience with the Noblesville Creates benefited Mr. G’s Liquors?

Glover: Yes. We see many of our Mr. G’s customers at the NPArts events that we help sponsor. It is always nice to see so many people that support something that Mr. G’s supports as well. There is art in making good beer and wine, so I guess that’s why they go together! If the arts can be a reason that people choose to stay or relocate to our community, it is a good thing for Mr. G’s too.

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