Noblesville Creates Presents: Megan Hutchins at Hub & Spoke

Noblesville Creates Presents: Megan Hutchins at Hub & Spoke

Megan Hutchins is a 41-year-old mother of five who created a brand-new art form just six short years ago. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Graphics Design degree, it wasn’t until she was creatively bored and pregnant with her fifth child that she decided to create something. “I wanted a metal piece for my home and after several failed attempts, I decided that I could hammer a nail. I finished my first ‘nail art’ piece eight months later and this medium was born.”

Megan Hutchins with Megan Hutchins Art

   With the aid of her grandfather’s ball-peen hammer, Megan has created incredible show-stopping pieces, ranging from corporate logos to large abstracts and city skylines. While her larger pieces are aimed toward corporate spaces, Megan also has smaller pieces that go perfectly in the right home. Megan’s showcase, “Contemporary and Industrialized” hopes to bring a new sense of appreciation for her industrial feel. She wants to educate buyers that all forms of art can enhance and soften a space, even if the work itself isn’t exactly “soft.” There are so many different looks to this one simple medium. However, when you really examine it, it creates a different image for a space while still maintaining the contemporary and industrial feel. Also, the larger the art, the more detail can be shown in it. With that in mind, Megan loves showcasing her large pieces to really show off the amazing artistry of nail art.

Circles by Megan Hutchins

Creating these extraordinary pieces from something as simple as wood and nails is extremely fulfilling for Megan. “What defines me is that I am not a quitter,” Megan says. She wants to be an example to all women out there who think they are either too old or too busy to do what they want with their life. Megan’s advice, “Jump in. You never know how happy you can be until you do.”Her works can be seen on the main floor of the building, across from High Frequency Arts’s office, from October through December 2020. There will be a special reception on Friday, November 13 from 5pm-8pm at Hub & Spoke located at 8011 E. 106th Street in Fishers. The reception is free, and guests are encouraged to register via the Eventbrite event page to help with covid measures, traffic flow, and refreshment planning. Please wear a mask and respect social distancing during the event.

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