Noblesville Creates Unveils Exciting Rebrand as Noblesville Creates

Noblesville Creates Unveils Exciting Rebrand as Noblesville Creates

Noblesville, Ind. (September 25, 2023) — Noblesville Creates introduces Noblesville Creates as its new name and brand.

Ailithir McGill, the Noblesville Creates Director, announced the rebranding alongside Rachael Coverdale, Noblesville Creates board member and President of Coverdale Consulting, at their annual gala earlier this month. 

McGill emphasized how the rebranding is an exciting step as the organization has worked to establish a clear and enduring identity, prompted by the overall goals and visions for its future.

“There are many things in this region that have the words ‘Nickel Plate’ in them, and many of them have led our guests to show up in the wrong location looking for our programs,” McGill said. “Our new brand, Noblesville Creates, truly embraces all art forms and arts partnerships while also highlighting the City of Noblesville, which has been and continues to be our largest supporter and a haven for artists for decades.”

The brand also reflects the important partnership with the City of Noblesville. The city has prioritized artists as cornerstones of the community, creating an environment in which artists can thrive. 

“Our understanding of what the arts community wants and needs has changed, and it’s time for Noblesville Creates to change, too,” said McGill. “I’m looking forward to the opportunities the future will bring.”

Noblesville Creates (Noblesville Creates) will continue to be the regional arts partner for the Indiana Arts Commission, ensuring that they continue to serve the entire Central Indiana region. 

The organization expects the new brand to roll out and be fully implemented by the first quarter of 2024. 

Ailithir McGill

Did you know? Nickel Plate Arts is becoming Noblesville Creates!

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