Noblesville Arts Collaboration Expands

Noblesville Arts Collaboration Expands

Noblesville Arts Council’s cultural arts district plans and its vision for the city

Alaina Shonkwiler

Alaina Shonkwiler

Alaina Shonkwiler, the City of Noblesville’s economic development assistant director and convener of the Noblesville Arts Council, introduces us to the work of this exciting organization.

What’s the Noblesville Arts Council all about?

Noblesville is fortunate to have a wide variety of art organizations and artists who over the years have worked independently. In August 2013, the Noblesville Arts Council was formed to begin collaborative efforts to improve and enhance a culture of arts, with an emphasis on creating a downtown cultural arts district.

Beginning with a technical assistance consultancy from the Indiana Arts Commission in 2012, many on the Council participated in a community cultural arts consultancy working group. The Noblesville Arts Council was born of these efforts, and continues to represent the efforts of many artists and arts organizations that come together at the core in unity, while still reaching out independently to our entire city to expand artistic expression.

Why develop a “cultural arts district” and what is the importance of the State designation?

The designation codifies what has been in place for quite some time in both the requested new district and throughout Noblesville, which has been the gathering place for creativity and celebration of the arts for many decades. Establishment of the district is both a tribute to the past work of Noblesville cultural arts organizations and an endorsement of a path forward, outlined in the Cultural Arts Blueprint.

The good work of local arts organizations and citizens has demonstrated a clear commitment to supporting, celebrating, and nurturing the creative and cultural economy. The state designation of the Noblesville Cultural Arts District, in conjunction with the implementation of the Blueprint, is a firm declaration that our community supports creativity, self-expression, exploration, risk taking and innovation. It also fosters longevity and across-the-board support of the collective arts in our community. The prestige of this designation, along with its publicity, greatly enhances tourism and the reputation of Noblesville, which draws more people to choose Noblesville as their home.

How can someone participate in the growth and support of the district?

Certainly our greatest cultural asset is the community of individuals who make up our creative economy. Individuals wishing to participate in the growth and support of this district can do so in many ways:

  • Get involved in a local arts or cultural organization, meaning join their membership to support their work, sponsor an event or program, volunteer to help them, serve on a board or committee, etc.
  • Promote, volunteer and participate in Noblesville cultural arts programs, events and activities. See something happening? Make it a point to be a part of it.
  • Join the Arts Council. Membership in the Noblesville Arts Council is both open and intentional, with a range of community partnerships represented — the more the merrier!

For more information, contact Alaina Shonkwiler.

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