NOW PRESENTING: Leslie Ober’s November Showcase – “Exploring Creativity” Nov 6 to 28

NOW PRESENTING: Leslie Ober’s November Showcase – “Exploring Creativity” Nov 6 to 28

Born and raised in Indiana, Leslie Ober is an award-winning artist who enjoys playing with and exploring a variety of different mediums. Holding a degree in education from Indiana University, and homeschooling her six children for over 12 years, she’s a natural teacher who delights in sharing her work and process with those around her.

Leslie Ober
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“Pick a lane and stay in it” is advice that just doesn’t work for Leslie and her creative process. When inspiration strikes, she holds on and enjoys the ride – regardless if it’s two weeks or two months. She has learned to give herself permission to “let it happen and let it flow” – so wherever the process takes her is where she goes. When inspiration strikes – she’s ready and she creates.

Leslie believes that everyone, whether they recognize it or not, is creative. “Whether it’s in the form of artistic exploration, cooking an amazing meal, tending a beautiful garden, constructing a perfectly functioning spreadsheet, flawlessly directing a group of individuals, or a myriad of other avenues, we are all uniquely creative.” This is why it’s incredibly fitting that Leslie’s November Showcase exhibit is titled “Exploring Creativity”, where she takes us on a journey through more than 10 different mediums and really makes us think outside the box.

Leslie’s goal for this exhibit is to help people feel inspired to create. By walking through the gallery, one can realize that we are all creative beings. Art doesn’t have to fit into a particular mold and anyone can create art and can make art out of anything. For the people who think “there’s not a creative bone in my body,” Leslie hopes this exhibit will help them recognize that they really are creative.  

Leslie Ober…Creating!

This exhibit is also interactive. Because of the wide variety of mediums represented, Leslie wants you to try to figure out which ones were used in the creation of each piece. QR codes will be next to each piece of art for you to scan and check to see if you’re right. If you don’t have a smart phone, that’s ok – Leslie will have a printed program available as well.  

Leslie Ober is an artist whose passion for creativity is infectious. Come meet her and catch the creativity bug at our November First Friday event on November 6th from 6pm to 9pm on the Noblesville Creates campus. Her work will be displayed from November 5 – November 28th during open hours (please note that COVID-19 may affect open hours).

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw

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