PRESENTING: Traveltopia by Jason Kistler – Photography Show in Meyer Najem Gallery

PRESENTING: Traveltopia by Jason Kistler – Photography Show in Meyer Najem Gallery

Jason Kistler, a local artist and photographer, began seriously taking photographs in 1992 during a black and white workshop at Ghost Ranch in northern New Mexico.  Over the past 7 years, he has experienced an overflow of photographic creativity. Kistler says, “Photography is my true passion in life, and something I can never live without.  I love the feel of being in ‘the zone’ of creativity…when everything else melts away, and you become one with your art.  In these moments, my camera becomes a part of my body, mind and soul.”

Artist Jason Kistler
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In 2020, Jason will be showing a selection of photographs in the Meyer Najem Gallery in Fishers on the second floor of the building from January 2 through March 27. Most of Kistler’s photographs are from his travels.  As such, several places that Jason has visited will be featured in the show.  He believes that “he who dies with the most stamps in his passport wins.”  This exhibit will encompass that sentiment through photos from all over the world, enough to inspire any viewer to travel and add visual art stamps to their mental passport!

This will be Jason’s first showcase coordinated by Noblesville Creates. Of the organization, Jason says that Noblesville Creates “truly has is finger on the pulse of the Hamilton County art scene.  It is my one stop shop to discover anything and everything that is happening artistically in the county and often beyond.  I’m a new member, and excited to use the resources of NPA to further my artistic goals as well as reach my full potential as an artist.”

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Did you know? Nickel Plate Arts is becoming Noblesville Creates!

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