PRESENTING: Jim Anderson’s “Oceans”

PRESENTING: Jim Anderson’s “Oceans”

Jim Anderson’s story as an artist is truly inspiring as he embodies both right- and left-brain talents. While he enjoyed creating art since youth (with photography, sculpture, drawing, acrylics, and watercolors as his favorite media), Jim went on to pursue a career in IT and technology as an analyst, engineer, and trainer.

A surprise discovery in Jim’s college years came when he learned that he was red-green-brown shade colorblind.  Jim says, “It is not that I don’t see those colors, but I have trouble distinguishing between them in certain lighting situations.  I always wondered why it was difficult for me to blend colors…These days, I enlist my wife as my color advisor.  Without her guidance, I would have great difficulty with colors in my pictures.”

Shortly before his retirement, Anderson says that “God opened my eyes again to dormant artistic talents as He showed me what I missed during my IT career.” In Jim’s re-exploration of art,  Buffalo Creek remains his favorite subject matter as it flows through his backyard. It took much trimming and landscaping to open up an amazing view into the middle of the creek – but it was well worth it!

Now Jim uses his gifts from creativity to the logic of IT combined with what he calls “the eyes of age and memories” to capture scenes that he hopes others enjoy as much as he does.

Please join Jim Anderson during the month of March for his showcase “Oceans.” It will be held in the main sitting room in Noble Coffee & Tea on the downtown Noblesville Square. 


Phone: 317-727-1599

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