Prizm: Arming Artists to Create

Prizm: Arming Artists to Create


Prizm: the Artists Supply Store

Arts advocate Brian Short of Prizm: the Artists Supply Store.

“It was an opportunity to support an organization that encourages art at all levels,” says manager Brian Short of Prizm: the Artists Supply Store regarding the store’s relationship with Noblesville Creates. Students enrolled in NPArts classes including the popular Monday Drawing Class wield charcoals, pencils and other tools courtesy of Prizm.

“At Prizm, we have a desire to encourage everyone that Art is accessible and fun. You don’t have to be the best, you just need to enjoy doing it,” he says. If he could snap his fingers and change something about the arts in our community and the world, it would be to make art more accessible to all.

Prizm generously provides art supplies to students in classes at NAPrts, including Monday Night Drawing Classes.

“As children we all draw, but somewhere along the way, we become self-conscience about what we create because we compare our work to others. I would want everyone to be able to create art and enjoy the process.”

As a Level 2 sponsor of NPArts, Short says a Prizm has enjoyed reaching a wider audience and growing its connection to artists of all levels.

Ailithir McGill

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