Professional Maker-in-Residence Application

Professional Maker-in-Residence Application


Ignite Studio invites central Indiana artists to serves as our Maker-in-Residence for a 12-week period. Ignite Studio is an arts-focused makerspace designed to offer broad access to the Hamilton County community to a variety of art and making practices. Our goal is to help patrons on-ramp to their own creativity by introducing new and exciting equipment and experiences. The Maker-in-Residence program is an integral part of this mission to help inspire and empower people to recon-nect to making practices. Selected residents will receive a $2500 stipend and a modest budget for supplies. 


  • Serve 12 consecutive weeks as the maker-in-residence at Ignite Studio. 
  • Utilize a 1600 sq. ft. studio space as fully as possible to share your creative process with Ignite Studio patrons. 
  • Devote 8 hours/week to offering patrons experiences related to your art/making practice. De-tails will be agreed upon by the resident and Ignite Studio staff after the selection process is complete. Applications are adjudicated on the strength of the potential resident’s ability to think creatively about their teaching practices as well as their making practice. 
  • Exhibit work in Ignite Studio. Artists may sell work that is exhibited in space provided they handle all aspects of the transaction. Ignite Studio will not take any commission for works sold out of our space. 
  • Artist may teach paid classes from studio space provided they were scheduled prior to being selected for the residence and all dates were submitted with application. Chosen residents may not leverage Ignite Studio or the Hamilton East Public Library to sell additional class slots once selected for the residency. 


Submit all required materials as a single pdf. via email at

If providing samples of your work necessitates video or audio clips, please include within that section of your pdf application links to those samples on YouTube. 

  • Artist Statement of Intent and Purpose (250 word max) 
    • Why are you interested in the Ignite Studio Residency? What unique quality will you bring to the residency? Why will our patrons be interested in you, your artistic process and your work? 
  • Resume (1 page max) 
  • Bio (250 word max) 
  • Samples of work (6 max) 
  • Teaching proposal (500 word max) 
    • What will you do during the 8 hours/week you are required to engage our patrons? What teaching plan do you have? Will you offer classes? Workshops? Drop-in activities? Open studio time? Give us a specific idea of what you will offer to patrons. 
  • Other Commitments 
    • What other teaching, exhibit, fair, festival or other commitments do you already have during the course of your residency? 

Submit all required materials as a single pdf. via email at


  • Spring Residency: 
    • Application Deadline—December 1, 2018 
    • Residency Dates—March 18-May 1, 2019 
  • Fall Residency:
    • Application Deadline—June 1, 2019 
    • Residency Dates—September 9-November 30, 2019 
J.C. Seig

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