At CCH+A, Arts Advocacy Is Community Advocacy

At CCH+A, Arts Advocacy Is Community Advocacy

It’s fair to say Church Church Hittle + Antrim was on the ground floor of Noblesville Creates. The Hamilton County law firm’s early support has helped us grow and evolve to make an greater impact in our shared community. Firm leader and partner Doug Church is an avid arts patron, a passion that is shared by CCH+A attorney Leslie Gieger, who shared her thoughts with us.

Church Church Hittle & Antrim Leslie Geiger

CCH+A Attorney and arts advocate Leslie Gieger.

Leslie Gieger: CCH+A is a proud Premium Level sponsor of NPArts. We have seen the ability art has to bring people together and shape a community and are excited about all of the opportunities for growth, reflection, and inspiration NPArts provides. Since we have offices along the Nickel Plate Line — in Tipton, Noblesville and Fishers — we serve the same communities as NPArts and are always looking for ways to unite the northern and southern Hamilton County communities.

NPArts: How is your support of NPArts driven by a desire to make lasting changes in your community, not just today but into the future?

Gieger: At CCH+A, being actively involved in the community is ingrained in our firm culture. We take pride in that culture because it translates into a passion for providing exemplary service to our clients and the community around us. We have been serving Hamilton County since 1880, so we have witnessed tremendous growth and prosperity in the community. We have seen how interpersonal connections are the key to holding a community together as it grows and expands. We believe art and culture are a way to bring people together who would not otherwise come together. Hopefully on CCH+A’s 200th anniversary in 2080, we will still be talking about how the arts kept our thriving community connected!

NPArts: If you could snap your fingers and change something about the arts in your community or the world, what would you change and why?

Gieger: Our wish for change is that people look beyond the surface of what art has to offer to a community and overcome the stereotypes for artists and the arts. From fellowship to a creative outlet to an emotional release, art has the ability to reach people across different generations, socioeconomic classes, cultures, etc. Art and culture brings people together who may feel unconnected to their community or disenfranchised — anyone can be an artist! – so it is essential for private businesses and government entities to support the arts.

NPArts: How has your experience with Noblesville Creates benefited CCH+A?

Gieger: For many years, CCH+A has proudly supported local artists, including purchasing and displaying artwork of local artists in our Noblesville, Fishers, Tipton and Merrillville offices. You can see some of that art, including works by NPArts Studio Artist Lesley Haflich, the late George Elliott and Bruce Neckar. By partnering with NPArts, CCH+A has been able to formalize and solidify its longstanding commitment to artists.

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Did you know? Nickel Plate Arts is becoming Noblesville Creates!

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