Request For Qualifications: Noblesville Parks & Rec Mural

Request For Qualifications: Noblesville Parks & Rec Mural

Noblesville Parks & Rec and Hamilton County Tourism seek an artist to install a mural near the Forest Park boat launch under the bridge on the roughly 16 ft x 10 ft underpass wall (see bridge and wall images in resource section for reference). This art installation will help drive local engagement, beautify the boat launch area, and will serve as a local landmark. The bridge is fully exposed to weather and is in a flood area, so the artist must be able to demonstrate expertise in preparing/sealing artwork appropriately to withstand all weather conditions.  For the artist, in addition to the fees mentioned below, this project has an added benefit of advertising and promotional support from Noblesville Parks & Rec (press release, unveiling event, showcasing during Fourth of July festival, etc.). 


Thursday, May 23, 2019 by 5:00 p.m.


To be eligible to submit for this opportunity, artists must:

  • Be able to meet all of the project requirements (see below)
  • Be age 18 or over
  • Be willing to meet all contractual obligations and adhere to a strict budget and timeline


  • Completion of work onsite, weather permitting.
  • Collaboration with the Noblesville Parks & Rec staff to confirm a design that is community friendly and ideally ties into Noblesville history, Indiana history, and/or the local community.
  • Efficiency and timeliness: this project must be completed in Summer 2019, with work starting at the end of May 2019 (weather permitting).
  • Working outside in a range of weather conditions as the mural space is an outdoor feature, enclosed by a bridge – artists must be prepared to work in cold, heat, rain, wind, and other inclement conditions if necessary.
  • A maintenance plan delivered by artist upon completion of project.
  • Ladders/lifting system must be supplied by artist if needed to complete any part of the mural.


This project will carry a commission and materials fee of $1000 for completion and installation of the artwork on the 16 ft x 10 ft wall, to cover all material costs associated with the artwork, etc. This fee is to cover all of the artists’ compensation and anticipated expenses, including (but not limited to) design fees, labor, paint, brushes, sealant, etc.  Payment will be made in two installments: ½ will be paid to the artist at the start of the mural process upon agreement on a design, with the remaining ½ to be paid upon completion of the project.



Artists must submit their qualifications  by 5:00 p.m on Thursday, May 16th, 2019. Representatives from Noblesville Parks & Rec and Noblesville Creates will review submitted qualifications and select up to three finalists to interview further.

NOTE: While this is the intended selection process, in the event of an insufficient number of qualified applicants, Noblesville Parks & Rec reserves the right to invite an artist to propose, or to directly select an artist and also reserves the right to cancel the opportunity entirely at any point and for any reason.


Finalists will be selected based upon the following criteria:

Technical Ability: Artist’s submission indicates professionalism, skill with materials and techniques, and indicates the capacity to meet the requirements of this project

Artistic Quality: Artist’s past work is appropriate to its context, innovative, creative and stylistically distinctive


This timeline represents the project as it now appears.  Changes may be necessary as the project progresses:

  • Release Request for Qualifications: May 1st
  • Deadline for qualification submissions: May 16th
  • Selection Committee Review: May 16th – 23rd
  • Notification of Status: May 24th
  • Selection of final candidate: May 27th
  • Installation of Mural(s): Last Week of May – June
  • Dedication and Kick-off Party: To be discussed with artist during/after project completion


Artists must submit the following information to note that submission materials will not be returned to applicants).

  1. Applicant information:Please include the following information in your cover letter:
    1. Artist name
    2. Mailing address, including city, state and zipcode
    3. Phone number
    4. Email address
    5. Website (if applicable)
  2. Cover Letter: In addition to the above contact information, please include a statement about your interest in this project, as well as any personal or professional connection you have to Noblesville and the Parks & Rec Dept, and how that connection influences your interest in this project. Please also include a statement about how your previous work experience qualifies you for this opportunity, and your high level vision for this project’s design (just a description, no design required at this stage).
  3. Examples of previous artwork: Submit 2-10 digital images in .jpg or .pdf format of past work.  Please limit the file size of each image to 2MB or less.  If possible, include images of at least 1 previous project that is appropriate to the conditions of this brief. 
  4. Image information sheet:Submit a sheet with the following information about each submitted project: title, date completed, client/neighborhood/site name, total artwork budget, and a brief (1-2 sentences) description of the project or piece at is relates to this project.  Include a directory of which image titles you have submitted are associated with each project (ex: for an artist named Smith: PROJECT x: Images Smith 1, Smith 2, Smith 3; PROJECT Y: Smith 4, Smith 5, Smith 6). Submit this sheet in .doc, .docx or .pdf format.


Submissions may be emailed to, shared via Dropbox, or hand-delivered to Noblesville Creates. 

Mailed or delivered submissions must be loaded on a single usb drive. CDs, DVDs, or printed items cannot be accepted.  USB drives must arrive at Noblesville Creates no later than 5 pm on Thursday, May 16th, 2019. A dropbox share request must be time-stamped by 5 pm on Thursday, May 16th – all items must be included in the shared folder by that time. Any item that is time-stamped as being uploaded after 5 pm will be disqualified from consideration.

The Delivery Address is:

ATTN: Koda Witsken

Noblesville Creates

107 S. 8th

Noblesville, IN 46060


Koda Witsken, Noblesville Creates: kwitsken@noblesvillecreates.orgor 317-517-4144

Or Mike Hoffmeister, Assistant Director, Noblesville Parks & Rec: 317-776-6350 

Adam Goldsmith

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