“TOTALITY – Standing in the Shadow of the Moon”

“TOTALITY – Standing in the Shadow of the Moon”


3535 E. 161st St., Carmel, IN 46033


At The Bridgewater Club

3535 E. 161st St., Carmel, IN 46033


A Mighty Darkness is About to Descend Upon the Land...

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Grand Universe's remarkable multimedia presentation entitled "TOTALITY – Standing in the Shadow of the Moon". This exclusive 45-minute experience, expertly crafted with captivating music and NASA animations, explores the extraordinary phenomenon that lies ahead.

Mark your calendars for April 8, 2024, when Earth, Sun, and Moon will converge in a breathtaking display during a Total Solar Eclipse racing at Mach 3 across the vast expanse of Indiana. Termed The Great Indiana Eclipse by scientists and historians, this event promises to captivate millions as celestial bodies align to obscure the sun from view. It's slated to become the most widely observed astronomical occurrence of the century and a monumental tourist attraction for Indiana.

What's causing all the buzz? This rare Total Solar Eclipse over Indiana marks the first since the year 1205, when Genghis Kahn ruled much of the known world. Millions live within an hour’s drive of the 113-mile-wide shadow path, that will stretch the full length of the state of Indiana. As twilight hues paint the entire 360-degree horizon in sunset shades and temperatures plummet, observers anticipate a profound experience akin to a spiritual awakening. Described by some as the sky's most exquisite sight, the sun's corona, invisible throughout our lives, will unveil itself for a fleeting three and a half minutes, encircling what seems like a black void in the universe.

Led by a seasoned science communicator from Grand Universe, this presentation is a must-attend for anyone eager to delve deeper into this extraordinary forthcoming event. Join us for an exclusive multimedia experience, featuring captivating music and mesmerizing NASA animations, as we unravel the wonders awaiting as you Stand in the Shadow of the Moon.

Presented by Greg McCauley, President/CEO, Grand Universe

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