Bohlsen Group’s Pledge to “Good”

Bohlsen Group’s Pledge to “Good”

As the first certified B Corp in Indiana, the Bohlsen Group uses “the power of business for good.” The full-service marketing firm pledges in-kind services to its nonprofit partners in the form of a 10 percent services discount of their overall fees. In its most recent year, the team gave 8.35 percent of company revenue back in in-kind services. Bohlsen Group President Vicki Bohlsen shares more about her the team’s values and approach.

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Arts advocate Vicki Bohlsen and her team support NPArts as a Premium Level sponsor.

Bohlsen: We proudly partner with NPArts to help promote its vital programming to Central Indiana residents in order to increase engagement with the organization. One of the big reasons for our support of NPArts is its mission, which aims to make arts accessible to people regardless of demographic, and there are few more important tools to improve the quality of life for people than access to experience and self-express through the arts.

NPArts: How is your support of NPArts driven by a desire to make lasting changes in your community, not just today but into the future?

Bohlsen: Our company was the first in Indiana to earn the B Corp certification, a designation that affirms our commitment to corporate social responsibility and activities that improve our community and lives of its residence. Supporting NPArts is simply an extension of our company’s B Corp values, and something that we are proud to do.

NPArts: If you could snap your fingers and change something about the arts in your community or the world, what would you change and why?

“There are few more important tools to improve the quality of life for people than access to experience and self-express through the arts.”

Bohlsen: A number of education focused organizations are among our clients at Bohlsen Group, and we understand and value the role of education in our community. With this in mind, a renewed commitment to arts programing in schools is certainly an area that can benefit our society. There is so much data that indicates the positive impact of arts programming on students’ performance and their personal development. Our community should strive to ensure access to arts programming in every school.

NPArts: How has your experience with the Noblesville Creates benefited Bohlsen Group?

Bohlsen: We understood well before entering into a formal partnership with NPArts its strength as a community uniter and energizer. They facilitate a very real and meaningful network for a unique cross section of professionals, philanthropists, and public and private organizations. We are so pleased to be a part of this family of organizations that is embracing the arts and seeking to make our community a better place.

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