Meyer Najem: Two Years Later by Craig Ogden

Meyer Najem: Two Years Later by Craig Ogden

Even though Craig Ogden has been expressing his artistic side his entire professional career, his upcoming exhibit will celebrate Craig’s last two official years as an artist, aptly called “Two Years Later.”

Craig’s paintings are mostly done in acrylics on canvas, paper, or Masonite panels. Each one is an expressive exercise of paint, line, and form all working together to capture a single image or place in time.

Often, you can find Craig listening to 1940’s jazz when he is in creating mode. 

Craig Ogden.

“You want your art to say a lot,” said Craig. 

….And it does! His abstract, experimental, “paint as you feel” approach to art guides him through the process. The art reflects bright colors and shapes. He titles his art after he has time to reflect on what thinks the finished art piece is expressing. Craig may even work on three or four pieces all at once.

Craig’s art exhibit will be on display at Meyer Najem from July through September. He describes his show as a “visual tour” of his last two years creating. The show will be balanced, sophisticated, and relaxed. Craig will feature over 40 pieces. 

Craig graduated from Heron School of Art and Design in Visual Communications and operated a graphic design firm in Broad Ripple for years. That firm connected him to the Indiana Arts Commission and other local arts groups that encouraged Ogden to push his design prowess towards the fine arts end of the graphic design spectrum.

For inquiries, Craig Ogden can be reached at You can see more of his work on Instagram at @craig_ogden_art or on Facebook at Craig_Ogden_Art.

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