NOW PRESENTING: “Spencer-Nelson” – February Showcase of Lynn Spencer-Nelson

NOW PRESENTING: “Spencer-Nelson” – February Showcase of Lynn Spencer-Nelson

Lynn Spencer-Nelson is a self-taught artist and presenting her paintings publicly is something new for her. She wasn’t ready to exhibit, but due to peer pressure from friends and fans alike, she gave in. The confidence she gained from Hoop Dancing gave her the courage to put her art out there. For ten years, Lynn taught hoop dance and it had her traveling to circuses, juggling festivals, fire dancer festivals and hoop retreats across the world. She is best known for her improvisational way of hooping.

Lynn Spencer-Nelson

Lynn has been painting and creating throughout her life. “I like to represent nature in unexpected ways when I paint. Form and feeling strike my interest and the excitement of discovery fuels the rest. I know how I want a piece to feel; the rest is more of an allowing than effort.” She loves getting lost in the flow of creativity – and it has become an addiction for her in many ways.  

While she has taken side trips through life with Hoop Dancing and coaching, creating jewelry and other decorative items, Lynn always comes home to painting. She returns because of her love for the medium and how it rewards herself as well as fans of her work.  

My Sycamore by Lynn Spencer-Nelson

Lynn’s showcase “Spencer-Nelson” is a broad representation of her work. She chose pieces from deep in her past all the way up to present day – so new that there is even a work in progress. Her works can be seen from February 5-27 in the Stephenson house. Meet Lynn virtually during our First Friday event on Facebook Live on February 5 from 5pm-8pm and enjoy an evening of art, music, and more at

Whether it’s creating murals or crafting decorative items, Lynn takes pride in making something from basically nothing, “There is a sort of power in that.”

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