Artwork Needed for Noblesville Creates Eclipse Promotion

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Artwork Needed for Noblesville Creates Eclipse Promotion

Noblesville Creates is seeking artwork from Hamilton County Artists to create promotional products for the 2024 Eclipse.

Our goal is to work with artists to develop promotional products such as posters, t-shirts, mugs, pins, key chains and other items to sell in the month leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024, including at Eclipse events in Hamilton County on April 5, 6, 7, and 8. Noblesville Creates will pay for the production of the materials and split the profits of the items with the artists. Artists will also have opportunities to purchase items at a wholesale rate to sell on their own. Artists must be able to provide a high-quality, high-resolution image of their artwork in order to be eligible for this process. Noblesville Creates will provide a contract that outlines the ways in which we will use the images and the limitations, with the goal of protecting the artists’ long-term intellectual property rights.

Artists interested in participating in this opportunity should contact J.C. Seig at no later than 10 p.m. on Tuesday, February 6th, 2024.

Please send the following information:

  1. Your name, email address, and phone number
  2. A description of the artwork(s)k you’d like to have considered for this opportunity, including title, side, medium, the date it was created, how it relates to the 2024 Eclipse and anything else you think we should know.
  3. Include a low-res photo or scan of the artwork(s).
  4. Any ideas you have to best use the piece. For example, do you think it would be best used as a poster? T-shirt? Something else?
  5. Is the original of this piece still available for sale? This is not necessary for the piece to be considered, but we’d like to know, in case anyone enquires about it.
  6. Are you available to participate in art fairs or other events on April 5, 6, 7 or 8?

Here’s an example of how this process might work:

  • Noblesville Creates will select an image from an artist to print on m 11×17 a poster.
  • Noblesville Creates will work with a graphic designer to prepare the image for printing.
  • Noblesville Creates will work with a local printer to produce 100 or more of these posters at a deeply discounted rate.
  • The artist whose artwork is used may order any number of these posters from the same printer for the discounted rate plus a very small fee for Noblesville Creates’ graphic design work – Noblesville Creates will manage the ordering process.
  • Noblesville Creates will sell the posters at a retail price.
  • Noblesville Creates will deduct the price of printing and a small fee for graphic design from the realized revenue.
  • Noblesville Creates will give 50 percent of the remaining profits to the artist whose artwork was used.

PLEASE NOTE: we’re also interested in curating a collection of original craft items, such as pottery and jewelry, to sell during Eclipse events. If you would like to create a collection of original, handmade items for the Eclipse, please contact J.C. Seig with the information above and be sure to highlight that you will be producing the items yourself. These items would be priced & sold with a different pricing structure than what is described below – we’ll provide you exact pricing & commission details when you contact us.

J.C. Seig

Did you know? Nickel Plate Arts is becoming Noblesville Creates!

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