May 2020 Featured Partner Events

May 2020 Featured Partner Events

Each month, we gather information about our Featured Partners  and their upcoming events in one spot so that it’s easy for you to see what’s coming up.  That spot is right here!

The Alcove Featured Artist Q2: Bryce Culverhouse
April 1-June 29, 24 hours 
Fishers Arts Council Website: Art Galleries – The Alcove Exhibit
Bryce Culverhouse has a strong interest in typography. He decided to develop a new style of art based solely on letters that form these great images. He has combined his passion for history and visual art for you to enjoy. He will be displaying fine art images of Prince, Frida Kahlo, Muhammad Ali, The Mt. Rushmore series, and more. While we cannot access the Art Gallery at City Hall in person, please enjoy this online gallery of Bryce’s works.
If you missed Bryce’s live interview, you can watch it on the bottom of the Alcove Exhibit webpage. 
More info: or @fishersart

Hamilton County Artists’ Association May Exhibit
Online at, May 1-30
The Birdie Gallery of HCAA, 195 S. 5th St., Noblesville
This May, the members of the Hamilton County Artists’ Association will be honoring “Mother.” The exhibition will showcase the works of the Juried Artists Members, all of whom will reveal their own unique take on the concept of “Mother” from Motherhood to Mother Earth and more.
Even though the Birdie Gallery is closed during the month of May, please join us online for a beautiful show of original art created by the juried members of the HCAA.

I Am Story: B Farrand, the Experimentalist
May 1-31, 24 hours a day
Fishers Arts Council Website: Art Galleries – The Art Gallery  at City Hall
Facebook Live Interview May 15th 6:30pm-7pm, all are welcome

Brinton Farrand is a “watcher.” He spends much of his time watching people in everyday life. “I want to explore people’s emotions; their joys, their sorrows and their toils….” The title of this show is “I Am Story: B Farrand, The Experimentalist.” It will be his way to provide “editorial observations about society, and (to) challenge the status quo…. My paintings reflect the story I am exploring so the audience can draw their own conclusions.”
More info: or @fishersart

Community• Education • Arts presents @theroundtable
Podcast & video episodes air on Fridays, 4pm
Recordings on First Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm
March 3rd
April 7th  
May 5th
June 2nd
July 7th
August 4th
September 1st
October 6th
November 3rd
December 1st
Programming Note: due to COVID-19, we will be recoding our podcasts as usual, but our guests will be with us via telephone for the foreseeable future. 
@theroundtable is our Arts-related podcast and short videos series where we discuss the Arts with writers, musicians, and artists of all kinds! All are welcome to sit at our roundtable; our noble knights have no labels, except: Creatives!
We often invite some of our online Arts Showcase exhibitors and our NICE and The Polk Street Review participants to @theroundtable, but we also seek participation from folks we haven’t worked with (yet!). Our monthly recording schedule is First Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm, and each episode is usually about 15 minutes long. Podcast Episodes air on Fridays at 4pm, starting in January 2020.
Together, with safe distance between us, we will survive!
Contact if you are interested in joining us @theroundtable to talk about your arts-related experiences!
More info:

Live Interview: I Am Story: B Farrand, the Experimentalist 
May 15, 6:30-7:30pm
Fishers Arts Council Facebook Page
Join us on Facebook Live for an interview with local artist Brinton Farrand. Brinton Farrand is a “watcher.” He spends much of his time watching people in everyday life. “I want to explore people’s emotions; their joys, their sorrows and their toils….” The title of this show is “I Am Story: B Farrand, The Experimentalist.” It will be his way to provide “editorial obersvations about society, and (to) challenge the status quo…. My paintings reflect the story I am exploring so the audience can draw their own conclusions.” Brinton will be available to answer questions during the session.
More info: or @fishersarts

Farmer’s Market
May 16-October 24, 8am-12pm
Hosted by Noblesville Main Street
More info:

Previous NobleStories on Noblesville Preservation Alliance Page

In the late 19th century, Noblesville was the largest city in Hamilton County. The Firestone plant and Forest Park were not yet built. The high school was in Seminary Park and there was no hospital. Several railroads ran through town. The city limits barely stretched a few blocks outside of the courthouse square. For the next Noblestories, local author and REALTOR Kurt Meyer takes a close look at life in 1890’s Noblesville with words and pictures from that era.
Noblestories is a program of the Noblesville Preservation Alliance that gives today’s residents a glimpse into Noblesville’s past. NPA is partnering with Hamilton County Television to present and preserve these memories to help inform and enrich the lives of current and future residents. The event is streamed live on Hamilton County TV and available for viewing afterward at
This is the fourth in the series, which also included memories of high school in the 1960’s, the Firestone plant and a promotional film of the city made back in the 1930’s.
More info:

Online Art Kits
available for purchase 24/7
Caravan Classes Studio, 92 S. 9th Street, Noblesville In. 46060
prices vary per kit    
The studio is currently closed for events, classes, and walk in projects.
Art kits are available for online, call in, and messaged orders. Orders can be received by pick up, porch delivery, or mail! Porch delivery is available for orders of $25 or more within Noblesville City limits and a little beyond.  
P.S. We also have gift cards!
More info & purchase: Caravan Classes Square Site or call 765-557-1969, @CaravanClasses

Community • Education • Arts online Arts Showcase exhibits opportunities:
We offer online Arts Showcase exhibits every couple of months, each with its own web page featuring creative work of all kinds! We’re excited to offer opportunities for YOU to submit your original artwork (all mediums), writings (all genres), and songs/instrumentals (videos or MP3s) to our online Arts Showcase and occasional contests.
The themes listed below are for 2020 (themes may change each year).
Annual submission deadlines are
Send us YOUR original images, writings, & music for our online Arts Showcase exhibit opportunities! Email the form with your submission files to (download form: CEArts Arts Showcase Exhibits Callout)
More info:

J.C. Seig

Did you know? Nickel Plate Arts is becoming Noblesville Creates!

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Noblesville Creates is Now Noblesville Creates